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Critter Camp 2018


Cathy’s Critters’ on-going mission is to educate kids and families about rural life, science, our food supply, and America's agrarian roots. We want to instill a sense of belonging to our world through farming and a better understanding of the natural world in which we live, and which gives us life.

"Critter Camp" is a week-long exploration of the farm, animal care, science, fun, and games. There will be tons more games, activities and even a "Friday Night Food & Fun" where the kids can show off what they have done all week.


General Information

Critter Camp 2018 will be open to ages 5 - 12. Depending on enrollments in each age range groups will roughly break into 5-7, 8-10, and 10-12 -year olds. Critter Camp will run from 9 am - 5 pm each day. The fee per camper is $325 for the first session enrolled and $300 for each additional session for the same child.


We are offering 3 different themed weeks to choose from:

  • Veterinarian Week - A veterinarian friend of ours tells kids that if they want to be a vet, they have to get used to "blood, pus, and poop".  And while our camp is just a taste of careers in animal medicine, we'll have our share of those.  Not for the squeamish...
  • Horsemanship Week - From ground training, to tack and equipment, to round pen riding and trail riding.  At the end of the week, your child will have lots of new skills to demonstrate.
  • Zoo Week - Does your child dream of working at the zoo or with exotic animals? In this week we'll learn about animal diets, habitats, and what it takes to keep animals healthy, happy, and educational at the zoo.

Critter Camp 2018 Dates

Session 1 Horsemanship: June 11th - 15th, 2018

Session 2 Zookeepers: June 18th - 22nd, 2018

Session 3 Vets-In-Training: June 25th – 29th, 2018 

Session 4 Horsemanship: July 2nd – 6th, 2018

Session 5 Zookeepers: July 9th - 13th, 2018

Session 6 Vets-In-Training: July 16th - July 20th, 2018

Session 7 Horsemanship: July 23rd - 27th, 2018

Session 8 Zookeepers: July 30th - August 3rd, 2018

Session 9 Vets-In-Training: August 6th - August 10th, 2018


To sign up, use our new Camp Management system:





Every week we will have a different theme and different activities but a few things that will be consistent though all the weeks are:


  • Animal Caretaker Program – Each child will get to adopt an animal for the week! They will be responsible for making sure their animal is clean, feed, watered, and cared for everyday!
  • Special Guest Visits from Professionals in our Community
  • We will have lots of games and fun for all ages!


Veterinarian Week

  • Learning how bandage a small injury
  • Learning how to handle different animals
  • How to tell if an animal is sick and needs a vet.
  • Basic health maintenance: worming, grooming, giving injections, performing lab tests

Horsemanship Week

  • Learn about tack and equipment
  • Horse safety
  • Reading a horse's body language
  • Learn roping from a real cowboy
  • Horseback riding

 Zookeeper Week

  • Learn about how to handle and enrich the lives of exotic animals
  • Make and feed special diets
  • Build habitats
  • Make toys and other enrichments for animals


Sign up

We have instituted a much cleaner portal for camp administration including a parent portal where you can manage all the campers (and future campers) in your family, sign up for sessions, purchase add-ons, and manage billing.  Click the link below to get started!


(Note:  Sign-ups are permitted for prior year camp parents (earlybird phase from Feb 1 - Feb 14).  Everyone else welcome to get started on Feb 15)


Junior Counselor Volunteer Program

Critter Camp can always use extra help! If your child is 13 - 17, they can apply for our Junior Counselor Volunteer Program. Jr Counselors will need to be available for a full week session (multiple weeks, if they wish), need to have a reliable ride to and from the farm, and should expect to stay busy helping the counselors. The Jr. Counselors main job is to help out the lead counselors and to help the campers with activities. If your child is interested in volunteering, please apply below at our camp staff web site.



Seeking Experienced Camp Counselors

We are also looking for camp counselors to help with running the summer camp! If you are at least 18 years of age and want to have fun while earning some extra money please enter your information in our job application below.



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