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Special Services


Need a cow for "Cow Pie Bingo"? Or a Pig for the Principal to kiss? We can provide whatever you need! Cathy's Critters offers a variety of special packages that can be tailored to fit the needs for your next event. Some of the events are only offered seasonally, so be sure to read each section and contact the office for further details.


Seasonal events

These packages are offered seasonally due to the event or the animals involved. Each package can be personalized for every event. Read each package description for the information and then contact the office to book!


Donkey for JosephNativity Scenes

  • Human models not included

    • Handlers to help lead donkey, llamas, sheep, goats
  • Rope restraints or rustic picket fence panels

  • Couple with a petting zoo for kid-friendly fun after the caroling is done!

  • Custom selection of number and types of livestock available to suit your program



    RIDE-ABLE DONKEY : Cathy's Critters is proud to offer Nick, our new ride-able donkey, for events! The cost to rent Nick is $200 for up to 2 hours.


Make cheese with real goat's milk

 Goat Milking *only offered at certain times of the year*

  • Unique

  • Milking stand and goats - everyone, kids and adults, learn to milk

  • Educational, hands on

  • Seasonal Availability


Animal Rentals

Just need one or two animals for a photo shoot or a "Kiss the Pig"? Cathy's Critters can provide them! Just let us know which type of animal you need for how long and we will give you a quote and bring the animal most suited for your event. For pricing and care, animals are categorized into groups due to the needs of each animal.

Volunteer on stage to bottle-feed Sydney the wallaby

  • TV/film appearances

  • Kiss-the-pig (or llama!)

  • Exotic Animals

    • Farm Animals

    • Fee for rental includes flat fee for animals, employee pay per hour and mileage fee

    • Contact the office for more information!



      We hope you’ll enjoy any activity you choose to engage in with our team of animals and dedicated employees! Please enjoy the rest of the site and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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