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Job Application - Animal Educator


Please take the DISC personality assessment at the following link.

DISC assessment

Download and save the resulting .PDF file

Complete the application here on the web site

At the end of the application, be sure to upload the file created by the DISC assessment.

Application for Employment - Animal Educator
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Describe your favorite parts about your most recent job. If this will be your first, tell us what classes in school interest you the most.
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In 1-2 sentences, how would your supervisor at your previous job describe you?
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Example: "Tim was usually asleep in the stock room when I needed him, so I'm not really sure what his work habits are like."

IMPORTANT: Please take the DISC personality assessment at the following link, and at the end of the test use the "UPLOAD RESULTS" button to send the .PDF that you can download at the end of the test. DISC assessment
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Thanks for taking the time to take the DISC assessment. Please upload the file you downloaded from the web site with a name like Your_Name.PDF.

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