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Pony rides can be booked as the sole entertainment for a birthday party, but consider reserving the petting zoo and pony for double the fun!  Our ponies are gentle and well-behaved, having been "working" in this career all their lives.

We offer hand-led pony rides in the venue of your choice: back yard, front side walk, back alley, or any other place that wants a pony ride! Whether you have a child who dreams pony dreams, or an aspiring cowboy, consider cowboy hat souvenirs and a Cathy's Critters pony party.

Pony rides start at $235 for 1 pony for 1 hours. Contact Cathy's Critters to discuss more ponies, different time lengths or the price to add a pony onto a petting zoo! Some of our ponies are below!


*Please note that in order to book an event, you have to log into our website using the sidebar on the left hand side of the screen!





Dallas was a "pony rides pony" even before he came to Cathy's Critters in 2005.  With a name like "Dallas", of course he'd be a Stars fan. Although he can be stubborn, Dallas is a very calm and gentle pony and is great at big events.





Angel is small and spunky. She is one of the ponies that has a smaller weight limit than the others, so she is perfect for younger birthday parties and smaller events. She has mothered quite a few little ponies that have been given new homes and is extremely sweet with the kids. 




Big Al from Kiss FM and


Stormy is a beautiful painted pony who has given us two foals: Rain and Typhoon. Her name comes from the markings on her body and came to us from a home that took very good care of her. She is a reliable pony and doesn't spook easily, so she is perfect for larger events.




Cowboy is a dark brown Shetland pony that loves to work. He is most often seen at large events because he is so calm and can hold a lot of children. He is very sweet to everyone who comes to love on him. He tends to be stubborn sometimes, but our firm care is teaching him to be an amazing pony for rides.



Sedona is a small, very sweet pony. She has a low weight limit, but is perfect for younger children because of her calm temperament. An interesting fact about her is that she is blind in one eye, but that doesn't stop her from working and being such a sweetheart!




Cinnamon has been with Cathy's Critters for years - almost as long as Dallas. She has also mothered some sweet ponies that have found good homes. Cinnamon is very calm, but doesn't go out very much anymore. Her name comes from her pretty light brown color that made us think of Cinnamon.




We hope you’ll enjoy any activity you choose to engage in with our team of animals and dedicated employees! Please enjoy the rest of the site and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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