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Now hiring for Summer Season - apply now!

Cathy's Critters is an animal education company in Princeton, Tx (near McKinney, Tx) which provides animals for all sorts of birthday parties, organization events, festivals and everything in between! We are now hiring Petting Zoo Attendants and Camp Counselors for out Summer Critter Camp.

Petting Zoo Attendant

Job Description

You'll be working with animals, both farm and exotic, in a fast-paced and fun job with a great team of animal educators. We strive to make every event we attend memorable by bringing clean, gentle animals to birthday parties, fall festivals, and educational programs. Every Cathy's Critters employee needs to have flexible availability  and reliable ride to the farm on schedule work days. Employees are also required to work on a couple of busy dates: Saturday, March 19th - Sunday, March 20th and Saturday, March 26th - Sunday, March 27th (Easter Weekend). The other weekends and weekdays are extremely busy, but those are the dates that we required every single employee.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Arriving on time to sign in and leave when the team is scheduled to leave. You may be asked to arrive early to help gather animals and equipment for the day and will be trained to do so.

- Riding with the crew to the party site and helping to set up the equipment and animals for the event. Some of the equipment is heavy – you must be able to lift/hold 50 lbs – and we are sometimes on a tight schedule or late, so “hustle” is the name of the game!

- Supervising and entertaining kids and adults during the party – this means making conversation with strangers. You may have to get over shyness! Knowledge of the animals helps, so be sure to pay close attention when being trained and try to pick up things that more experienced employees talk about. You can also spend some volunteer time at the farm and learn more about the animals that way.

- Cleaning up during the party. Animal waste should be raked up immediately, as well as cups and trash that kids may have brought in. The zoo enclosure should be as neat as it can.

- End-of-party Breakdown – neatly putting away equipment, animals and fence panels. Checking that all gear is properly stowed and trailer is ready for safe travel. You also need to do one more sweep of the petting zoo area to make sure that all potty, dropped feed and any trash or items are removed.

Ideal Applicant
- At least age 16 --with a driver's license and car.
- Physical -- able to lift 50lbs, likes to work outside in all kinds of weather and situations
- Friendly and outgoing -- must be pleasant to work with and enjoy teaching kids about animals
- Flexible -- unexpected schedule changes and last minute gigs are a part of this business and we ask our employees to roll with the changes
- Availability -- must be able to work the required dates (located in the Job Description) Helpful to be available most weekends and/or weekday mornings.

Opportunities for a longer-term part-time employment may be available if you stand out from the crowd during this seasonal employment as an enthusiastic and positive role model for other attendants.

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Camp Counselor


Camp Counselors must work well with both kids and animals. Have high energy, be fun and engaging with children.

Counselors are responsible for a group of up to 10 children on a daily basis.


-        In coordination with Assistant Director, ensure that stations and materials are supplied for the day’s activities


-        Clean up camp grounds and activity rooms at end of each day


-        Ensure children's safety


-        Manage children's behavior


-        Act as a role model and mentor


-        Model constructive participation in all daily activities


-        Work closely with Assistant Director to ensure safety of all children


-        Counselors must be at least 17 years of age.


-        All Counselors must participate in two days of training before camp begins.

-        Must be able to work Monday through Thursday from 7am to 6pm and Friday from 7am to 8pm.



How to Apply

If you would like to apply to be a part of Cathy's Critters team, please email for an application!

*Please note that our farm is located in Princeton (75407 zip). You will always be required to come out to the farm on your work days and leave from here with your team to go to events. These days can be as short as 2 hours or as long as 10 - 11 hours. Please consider the commute if you are a long distance from the McKinney/Princeton area.

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