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Yes, Cathy's Critters is in the Apple Store and Google Play - search for it!  When you have installed our app, you'll receive notifications of Open Farm events, money-saving offers and coupons and announcements of new arrivals to the farm.  Download for free from one of the links below!

We are striving to build a COMMUNITY of like-minded animal-lovers and people who believe that the link between people and animals can be helpful to our mental and physical health, educating our children, and sharing communion with our friends and neighbors.  If you feel that way too, please download the app for the absolutely BEST way to keep in touch with us and others.


Download of this app does *not* sign you up to 3rd party offers, spam, mailing lists, or any other form of digital intrusion.  We will only use it to alert you of events, offers, and news from Cathy's Critters.

Other neat stuff on the app include directions to the farm, our Facebook feed, some cute videos, and quick access to our web site for booking.

Thanks for checking it out!


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