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Please read carefully.  Your submission of this booking form constitutes a contract and the following are among the terms of that contract.


Details for All Events:

Parking; Cathy's Critters needs convenient parking for all events. We must be able to locate the trailer within 200 ft of the setup area at all times during your event. For the initial set up (30-45 minutes before your event), the trailer needs to be as close to the location as possible. The truck and trailer can then be moved and parked in a different location or kept where it is. If the trailer is far away and Cathy’s Critters team has to walk a long distance, there is a large chance that they will be late setting up and Cathy’s Critters will not be held responsible.

Deposit; A 50% deposit is required on all events. If you and/or your company are not able to process a deposit, please contact Cathy’s Critters immediately to discuss further options. We accept cash, personal checks, PayPal and credit cards for the deposit.

Final or Full Payment; Final balance is due on day of event. Balance may be paid by personal check or cash. Credit cards are not accepted on your event day for the final balance due. If you wish to pay the balance by credit card, you’ll have to call the office and make that payment at least 1 business day in advance and must contact the office within office hours (9 am – 2 pm). If no deposit has been received before your event day, Cathy’s Critters will still come to your event if it’s been confirmed with you. Check or cash payment will be expected in full BEFORE CATHY’S CRITTERS TEAM SETS UP THE EVENT. They will not begin to set up the petting zoo until a payment has been given to the team leader at your event. If it takes the customer a long time to get the payment and Cathy’s Critters is late setting up due to that fact, Cathy’s Critters will not be held responsible.

Animal Safety; We reserve the right to substitute, change or not include animals for any reason. Our main concern is ALWAYS the health, comfort and safety of our animals. If you or your child really enjoys a certain animal, please let us know. If the animal is typically a part of our petting zoo (such as a baby goat or piglet), we will try our hardest to include one of those animals if we have one. If you request an exotic animal at your event, there will be an additional charge and not all exotics are able to go out to petting zoos. Please contact Cathy’s Critters for more information. 

Insurance; we are insured. If any person or venue requires an additional insurance policy, or needs to be added to our policy as an "additional insured", we need at least 48 hours (over normal business days) to process through our insurance agent. Please cover this issue with Cathy's Critters well in advance of the event. A copy of insurance can be provided for each event at no cost.

USDA License; We are USDA licensed and can provide a copy of that license. Our animals are properly vaccinated based on USDA and veterinary standards, but if your event requires additional vaccinations for any animals there will be a fee per animal based on the vet bills. Please keep in mind that we have over 300 animals here at Cathy’s Critters and do a lot of our own vaccinating to keep the Vet cost down.

Cancellation Policy; our policy is to help you keep your party on schedule, rain or shine. We will never cancel your event unilaterally for bad weather unless there are tornado warnings, severe electrical storms or ice on the roads* that causes schools or other businesses to be closed down. In the event of rain, we will always attempt to help you find a creative way to keep the event on track by using a covered patio or garage, changing to one of our indoor party formats, or rescheduling for a future date. If there is no covered area at your location, but you still want Cathy's Critters to come out in hopes that it won't rain at your scheduled event time, payment will be expected in full. If none of these solutions is acceptable and you choose to cancel the event because of weather, the entire deposit will be refunded. Refund will be made contingent upon showing precipitation in your ZIP code during the time scheduled for your party. 

                * Cathy’s Critters farm is located in the country and our road that leads to the main roads aren’t always salted during icy weather making it impossible and unsafe to get our vehicles out. If this happens, we will refund any amount you have paid or work with you about rescheduling.


If the event is canceled by you for any other reason, the deposit is nonrefundable but can be applied towards a future event if booked within 6 months.

Home Day Care Regulations; if you are a home day care, please be aware of state regulations regarding contact between children in your charge and some animals (birds and reptiles).  If you need us to change the animal line-up for your event because of your industry's regulations, it is your responsibility to let us know.


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