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Cathy's Critters Employees


Cathy's Critters is proud of our employees, who are all dedicated to the cause of teaching kids about animals, science, and our ecosystem.  We couldn't serve our customers or take care of our menagerie without them, so we'd like to introduce you to them in this space. Be sure to say hey the next time they are at your event!


Behind the Scenes (mostly)!

Cathy Smith, Owner

Cathy is the founder and namesake of Cathy's Critters. A degreed zoologist, she has been an animal lover and protector from a very young age when she encouraged the first dog to follow her home. She conceived of the idea of bringing her pets to the public in early 2005 and since then has designed feeding and care programs for all the species that she keeps. She is the reason that we are able to bring so many clean, healthy animals to all of our events!


Kevin Smith, Co- Owner

Kevin, Cathy’s husband, spends part of his time in his own profession as an electronics designer, and part of his time at Cathy’s Critters.  He does a huge amount of support work to keep things running smoothly on the farm including helping with design and building of animal housing, running the web site, and acting as photographer at some events.


 Lisa Cass, Office Manager

Lisa is the Office Manager at Cathy’s Critters, and is the one who makes it all come together. Lisa's main job at the farm is to schedule the events and communicate with the customers. She knows what each event requires, keeps customers satisfied, and schedules the employee teams (Critter Crews). Lisa also goes out on petting zoo events and conducts educational presentations.  She has been with the company from the beginning, and keeps the rest of us sane when crazy times inevitably come along. Contact the office and talk to Lisa to book your next event!



In the Field!

Nichole Anderson, Team Leader / Attendant

Here at Cathy's Critters, Nichole is a petting zoo Team leader and attendant. Currently, she works at a medical billing center in Allen during the week and spends her weekend playing with the animals. Nichole has a very sweet personality and is quick to smile!





 Lizzie Adam, Team Leader / Farm Hand / Reptile Expert

Lizzie has been with Cathy's Critters for about two years. She is a petting zoo team leader and also comes out to the farm to feed and clean cages, and will volunteer whenever possible. Recently, she has taken on the role of "Reptile Expert" and keeps all of our snakes and lizards healthy and happy! She is a little shy, but has a sweet personality and is very patient with customers at the petting zoos!



Ashley Burleson, Attendant / Farm Hand / Rabbit & Small Mammal Caretaker

Ashley started off with Cathy's Critters as an animal caretaker, but has recently been moved into the position of petting zoo attendant. She comes a few days a week to feed and care for the animals and does a very thorough job. She always double checks her work and will take the time to love on some of the animals. She is now caring for the rabbits and small exotic mammals as well!


Alexandra (Evan) Rous, Team Leader / Farm Hand / Livestock Caretaker

Evan has been with Cathy's Critters for almost two years. She jumped into the job with excitement, frequently volunteering and going above and beyond. She was a counselor during Critter Camp 2013 and became a team leader due to her quick learning. She owns a horse, Spirit, which she boards at Cathy's Critters farm and you might just catch her riding to and from work - yes she has done that before! She also moved into the farm hand and livestock caretaker position during Spring 2014.




Holly Barrows, Team Leader / Attendant / Exotic Animal Presenter / Farm Hand
Holly has worked for Cathy's Critters off and on for years. She has grown into a great employee and learned so much around the farm! She worked as our photographer during Critter Camp 2013 and frequently volunteers at the farm. She is great with children and knows a thing or two about reptiles! Currently, she helps to feed and clean the animals at the farm as well as working at petting zoos!
Stephanie Monge, Attendant (Part-Time)
Stephanie began working with Cathy's Critters because of her best friend, Nichole. She has a very friendly, funny personality and is extremely patient with the children. She LOVES the animals! Currently, she works security but will help Cathy's Critters out on the weekends. She just can't stay away from this place!
Josh Hoskins, Attendant
Josh is a quiet guy, but he's a very hard worker. He currently goes out to petting zoos and will volunteer at every opportunity that he can. At home, he helps his family take care of his disabled niece so he has a large amount of experience when it comes to helping children. He is one of our most patient employees and will be quick to give a smile!
Rachell Hembree, Attendant
Rachell hasn't been with Cathy's Critters very long, but we have already been able to notice her dedication to animals! She is great with the kids at petting zoos, but really excels when she is able to work with the exotic animals. Her boyfriend is also a reptile enthusiast and has helped us with some of our own throughout the last year.
Lori Damhorst, Volunteer / Attendant
Lori has been a volunteer at Cathy's Critters for almost two years. She helps out during the busy seasons as a petting zoo attendant, but most of the time just comes out to the farm and helps Cathy clean! She has become a dear friend to all of us and we are so thankful for all of her help!


We hope you’ll enjoy any activity you choose to engage in with our team of animals and dedicated employees! Please enjoy the rest of the site and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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